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It is with the arrival of two pioneers from Berthier who came to settle around the village as fishermen, that “La Romaine” was born! Mr. George Métivier and Mr. Jean-Baptiste Guillemette settled there definitively in 1860.

The neighbouring islands already hosted fishermen’s families during the long summers. These families naturally migrated to the village and settled there permanently.

It was in 1953 that members of the Innu nation began to settle in the village. This is the start of a great cohabitation.

In the village, currently, in order to remember their story, we have a museum rich in storytelling on our origins and in the way of life of our ancestors. We also offer you, the expertience of a natural campsite nestled in the heart of the village, near services and along an absolutely magnificent pedestrian path. A simple walk in the village will teach you much more than a dozen books! The warm welcome from the curious population is eager to share their joie de vivre.

What are you waiting for? Come visit us!

Services and businesses directory

Directory of services, businesses, associations and organisations for La Romaine (G0G 1M0).

Relais Nordik

179 chemin du Quai


Hôtel Madame Ruby Inc

132 chemin du Quai


Duplex Hôtel Madame Ruby Inc.

126 chemin du Quai


Les Entreprises Henry Jenniss

12 chemin du Ruisseau


Sureté du Québec

14 chemin de Gethsémani


Poste Canada

12 chemin de Gethsémani


Casse-Croûte Le Snack

114 chemin du Quai


Centre de services Desjardins de la Romaine

122 chemin du Quai


Magasin Northern

47 chemin de Gethsémani


Maison Municipale

125 chemin du Quai


Tourist information

Museum/Interpretation centre

Outdoor site of the « Nique à Goéland »

For additional tourist information about La Romaine, visit


La Route Blanche

La Route Blanche is a snowmobile trail that facilitates travel for the residents of the Basse-Côte-Nord during the winter period. It is the only continuous land link between Natashquan and Blanc-Sablon.

Relais Nordik

Managed by Desgagnés Group, the Relais Nordik is the maritime service that ensures the transport of passenger and goods on the Basse-Côte-Nord.



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