Fire prevention week October

 In All villages, Chevery, Harrington Harbour, Kegaska, La Romaine, Tête-à-la-Baleine








Fire Prevention Week , October 3-9, 2021, with the theme “Fire prevention is your responsibility!”


Each year in Québec, fires cause an average of

  • 13 houses damaged per day.
  • 400 injuries.
  • 24,000 evacuees.

Nearly 49% of fires that occur in homes are related to human distraction or error.

Fire safe behaviour

When you are cooking:

  • always keep an eye on the stove when it is on and keep pot lids within reach;
  • user a timer to gauge food cooking times;
  • never place combustible items on the stove or in the oven.

If you use a wood-burning appliance:

  • have the chimney swept at least once a year, preferably in the spring, since residues are easier to dislodge then;
  • use a barbecue lighter to reduce the risk of burns;
  • never use liquid or gel accelerants to feed the fire.

If you smoke:

  • completely extinguish cigarettes in a deep ashtray with a broad edge or in a tin can filled with sand if you are outdoors;
  • never smoke in bed or in a position in which you risk falling asleep;
  • store lighters, matches and other smokers’ supplies out of the reach of children.
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